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David's Priorities

Providing realistic solutions to inflation, gas prices, voting integrity, securing our borders and maintaining our Constitutional Rights as Americans.

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Meet David

David is a North Attleboro, Massachusetts resident and has been for most of his life. He grew up in the construction field alongside his father and went into the trade after leaving school until he moved into property and facilities management. He's been teaching OSHA and other regulated safety courses to construction workers and contractors for the last 3+ years. This means David is in touch with the working class of America. Driving throughout New England to teach Safety all the way from New Haven, CT to Bangor, ME the pain at the pump is an enormous burden.

David is the father of one beautiful daughter, Georgiana, and considers his family time as the most important part of his life. Instilling good family values and principles to his daughter is his primary role as a parent to ensure a healthy and strong functioning society for future generations to come.